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Añana Salt Valley
Añana Salt Valley

Álava is a land rich in traditions and exciting landscapes. One of the province’s lesser known, but more fascinating treasures is Añana Salt Valley, a place where history, nature and culture combine to create a unique, extraordinarily well preserved setting. The valley has been recognised by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System since 2017, making it the only place with this distinction in all of Europe.


The Añana Salt Valley’s history dates back more than 7,000 years. The valley has been a salt production hub since the Bronze Age, leveraging salt water rising up out of underground springs. For centuries, Añana salt was a valuable and essential good in everyday life.


One of the most notable aspects of the Salt Valley is its traditional salt mine architecture. Here you’ll find an intricate network of terraces and dams handcrafted by generations of workers. The architecture in the valley is a living testament to humankind’s skill and creativity for centuries.


The process of producing salt in the Añana Salt Valley is an ancestral tradition that has not changed over time. In spite of the technological advances, the majority of this process is done by hand, preserving the essence and authenticity of the salt production in this unique place.


The Salt Valley is not just a historical site, but also a natural sanctuary. The presence of salt water creates a unique habitat for the valley’s endemic species, making it a source of biodiversity.




Salt Valley Experiences

Visiting the Añana Salt Valley is much more than an excursion. Here are a few experiences to try on your next visit.



Guided Tours

Explore the secrets of the Salt Valley with local experts and learn about the history of the valley and its salt production process.



Tastings of Local Cuisine

Try Añana salt at a gourmet tasting and discover how this special salt brings local dishes’ flavours to life.



Salt Spa

One of the most unique experiences available in the Salt Valley, where you'll be able to experience the benefits of brine.


Visiting the Salt Valley is a journey to the past and an enriching experience for history buffs and natural beauty lovers. Discover this hidden treasure and immerse yourself in the fascinating history of salt while enjoying the unique experiences the valley has to offer.

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