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Artziniega, so much more than a Medieval town
Artziniega, so much more than a Medieval town

Artziniega is among the most picturesque towns of Álava. A Medieval town north-east of Álava surrounded by stunning landscapes with great environmental value. Over the last few years, it has become one of the most visited towns in this part of Euskadi thanks to its natural and cultural richness.

Simply wandering the inviting Medieval streets of its centre will take you back to another time. One of the most popular activities here is wandering the old quarter, which was named a Historical Site. While wandering its streets, give its delicious cuisine a try. Its cheeses, charcuterie, cider and txakoli white wine will get you ready to continue your journey.



Photo: Artziniega


The town is considered the entryway to the Ayala Valley, a great place to relax and unwind. This makes it the perfect place for travellers looking to discover the absolute serenity of a rural Basque village. Many are drawn to the surrounding nature, including the Artziniega waterfall, a great spot to enjoy the outdoors and take a dip in the summertime. 

You can also visit the Artziniega Ethnography Museum, a renovated historical building with temporary exhibits and cultural performances in its outdoor amphitheatre. It’s a place where you’ll be able to see different ways of rural and urban life of this region. If you’re also looking for a fun way to spend some time with kids, try to find all 47 coats of arms in the façades of Artziniega.

This old quarter is one of the best preserved in the Basque Country. Given the forests and mountains to explore, it's the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts.

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