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Discover the joys of Álava in your motorhome
Discover the joys of Álava in your motorhome

A visit to Álava comes with unique and unforgettable experiences. Entering a white valley where the salt takes centre stage, enjoying unique routes through its Natural Parks on foot or by bicycle, visiting surprisingly original museums or trying some of the best wines in the world at century-old or contemporary wineries are just a few examples.


And this can all be done in a motorhome thanks to the network of areas specially designed for these ‘homes on wheels’. The guide Motorhome touring in Álava provides useful practical information.



Map of motorhome sites in Álava


Agurain Site

Address: Behe Nafarroa Kalea, s/n (Salvatierra-Agurain)

No. of spaces: 7

Rate: Free of charge

Contact:  / 945 302 931

Maximum stay: 48 hours




Amurrio Site

Address: Araba Kalea, 7

No. of spaces: 3

Rate: Free of charge

Contact: / 945 393 704

Maximum stay: 48 hours



Artziniega Site

Address: La Bárcena, 7 (Sporting area)

No. of spaces: 6

Rate: Electricity €3 for 12 hours. Tokens at the Town Hall, the Ethnographic Museum and in shops.

Contact: Tourist information point (Ethnographic Museum). / 945 396 210

Maximum stay: 72 hours



Elciego Site

Address: Barrihuelo Kalea, 3 (Elciego)

No. of spaces: 14

Rate: Free, electricity €2

Contact: / 945 606 632

Maximum stay: 72 hours


Labastida Site

Address: Fray Domingo Salazar, 21 (Labastida)

No. of spaces: 4

Rate: Free, electricity €2 per hour

Contact: / 945 331 818

Maximum stay: 48 hours


Llodio Site

Address: Carretera A-3632 (Laudio), pk 52+270

No. of spaces: 14

Rate: Free of charge, electricity €3 for 12 hours

Contact: / 944 034 930

Maximum stay: 72 hours



Nanclares de la Oca Site       

Address: Avenida de Langraiz s/n – 01230. Nanclares de la Oca (Next to the Arrate Sports Centre)

No. of spaces: 12

Rate: Free of charge

Contact: / 945 371 064

Maximum stay: 72 hours

Oyon-Oion Site

Address: Caña La Espina, s/n (Oyón-Oion)

No. of spaces: 12

Rate: Free of charge

Contact: / 945 622 190

Maximum authorised stay: 72 hours



Peñacerrada Site

Address: Urizaharra Hiribidea, 23 (Peñacerrada-Urizaharra)

No. of spaces: 8

Rate: Free of charge

Contact: / 945 367 004

Maximum stay: 48 hours




Campezo Site

Address: El Egido Kalea, 2 (Santa Cruz de Campezo)

No. of spaces: 14

Rate: €3 per day






Vitoria-Gasteiz Site

Address: Portal de Foronda, 48 (Vitoria-Gasteiz)

No. of spaces: 40

Rate: Free of charge

Contact: / 945 161 598

Maximum stay: 72 hours

Further information: the car park is 200 m from a tram stop, which takes you to the city centre, and bike lane.

Vitoria-Gasteiz Motorhome Touring Guide


Zabalain Park

Address: Betxinaburu Kalea, 2 (Legutio)

No. of spaces: 5

Rate: Free of charge

Further information: No toilets. It has a barbecue and picnic tables. Camping is expressly prohibited.

The reservoirs of the river Zadorra, approximately 35 km from Vitoria-Gasteiz, are a beautiful place with exceptional ecological wealth.

It is a good option for trekking and bike rides, as well as other outdoor activities.





Campas de Garaio car park

Address: Parque Provincial de Garaio s/n

Contact: 695 782 498 (Park tourist information office)

Further information: Parking area inside the park boundary. The Garaio park is a peninsula of the Uribarri-Ganboa reservoir. It has plenty of pathways for walks or bike rides.







El Roble Verde Camp Site

Address: : Nuvilla. On the main road A-3322 that runs from Pobes to La Puebla de Arganzón, km 24.

Further information: Practically all the installations are adapted for people with limited mobility. It has a heated swimming pool, bar and restaurant, among other services. Pets are allowed and there are discounts for various activities, such as horse riding.

Contact: / 945 06 33 50




Ibaia Camp Site

Address: Carretera Nacional 102, s/n, Zuazo de Vitoria

Rate: There are special rates for caravans and motor homes.

Further information: This camp site is in Vitoria-Gasteiz and has a washing machine, tumble dryer, waste collection and recycling, bar, restaurant, supermarket, public transport and wi-fi.

Contact: / 627 07 43 99


Angosto Camp Site

Address: Ctra Villanañe Angosto, 2 bis. (Villanañe)

Further information: It has washing machines, tumble dryer, wash basins, showers, heated swimming pool, supermarket, restaurant, bar and sauna. It is very close to the Medieval tower of Los Varona, the salt flats and the Valderejo nature reserve.

Contact: / 945 35 32 71

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Explora tus intereses en Álava

No hay dos viajeros iguales. Unos buscan naturaleza, otros festivales… Sea lo que sea lo que te interese, descubre tu plan perfecto.


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