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Take a dip in Álava
Take a dip in Álava

Who doesn't want to go for a swim or stroll through nature and enjoy Álava's beautiful countryside when the summer weather arrives? Álava is a natural paradise with beaches, reservoirs, lakes, wetlands and even natural pools where you can take a dip in the summertime. Every part of the province has an endless list of options with incredible, unique landscapes all close to home ready to be enjoyed.


Fresnedo River Pools. Alavese Mountains.


Close to Izki Natural Park, in Santa Cruz de Campezo, you’ll find one of the province's most incredible natural pools: Fresnedo River Pools. It’s the perfect place for a family outing. It’s even got a picnic area with tables and two areas divided by the Izki river.


Water Route. Añana.


In Berganzo, you´ll find one of Euskadi´s most impressive waterfalls: Herrerías Falls. To get there, you´ll take the Water Route, a breathtaking circular route beginning in Berganzo following the Inglares river. The whole family will enjoy this easy route with along the rushing river and beautiful waterfalls os crystal-clear water.



Zaldibartxo Ponds. Gorbeialdea.


In Sarria, you’ll find Zaldibartxo Ponds, located in the heart of Gorbea Natural Park. Alongside them you’ll find a beautiful field where you can rest and enjoy a sunny summer day and have a swim in the cool crystalline waters of the Baias river. It’s the perfect place for hiking and canyoning.


Ebro River Grove. Rioja Alavesa.


In southern Álava, more specifically in Lapuebla de Labarca, you can take a breathtaking route through a sea of vines surrounding the Ebro river. If you’d prefer to rest, head to La Póveda, a park with a picnic zone and play area for kids. In addition to swimming, you can also kayak down the river. 


Maroño Reservoir. Ayala.

Very close to Respaldiza, you’ll find one of the most beautiful views in Álava. Maroño Reservoir is sheltered by the Sierra Salvada mountains and fed by the waters of the Izoria river. It has an extensive green space in addition to an area equipped for an incredible summer’s day. You can also go fishing and hike around it.










Tobería Falls. Alavese Plains. 

The Alavese Plains have some of the best-known beaches in Álava, including Garaio and Landa. Head to Asparrena to find a truly spectacular river. To get to Tobería Falls, you´ll trek from Andoin along the northern side of the Sierra Entzia mountains.

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