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Discover the "berrea" just one step away from Vitoria-Gasteiz

The capital of Alava has an incredible Green Belt that is home to numerous different species of animals. In September one of them, the deer, stands out from the rest, as they usually live separately, but at this time of year the females come into heat and the mating period begins. This period lasts between two and five weeks.

The males are aware the females are in heat and make characteristic sounds to attract them attempting to show their strength and superiority over the other males. This spectacle is known as the call of the deer.

In Alava you can observe this event in Salburua park and Gorbeia Natural Park. In Salburua park, you can take a peaceful stroll from the centre of Vitoria-Gasteiz and walk around Arkaute pond, where you will hear the calling throughout September and October.

In the case of Gorbeia Natural Park, the Provincial Council of Alava provides guided tours to be able to listen to and observe the calling. You can sign up for this event from early September. Groups will have a maximum of 15 people, chosen by lottery from the people registered. It's a 5 km route that requires trekking experience and suitable clothing and footwear for the weather conditions on the day.

This September, enjoy a pleasant stroll and learn about this curious natural phenomenon.

Photografy: Berrea Álava

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