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Route to the Portilla and Lanos Castles
Route to the Portilla and Lanos Castles

Delve into the Portilla mountains to learn the story of the Historical Territory of Alava with the Portilla and Ocio castle route.


The Añana region hosts this circular route that reveals two of Alava's most important castles: Portilla castle and Lanos castle, in Ocio.


Portilla castle and Lanos castle in Ocio were very important during the Middle Ages due to their strategic position in defence of the Kingdom of Navarre. Such was their importance that Portilla castle features as an iconic component in the coat of arms of the Historical Territory of Alava.

Ruta por los castillos de Portilla y Lanos



A simple circular route


Ruta por los castillos de Portilla y Lanos


Km 0. PORTILLA. The route starts in the town of Portilla. From there it ascends along an old path to the castle, in a beautiful natural setting where the rocks constituted part of the defence the fort itself and the old town. The route descends the ravine of Hoyo del Monte overlapping the national pathway GR1, along a narrow trail that approaches the river Inglares under Lanos castle, that rises above a rock of the same name.


Km 5,1. OCIO. Passing through Ocio, we reach an asphalt track that leads up to Lanos castle. Go back down the same route and retake the track to Berganzo, known for the ruins of the ancient tower of the Sarmiento in the parish church.

Ruta por los castillos de Portilla y Lanos



Km 8,4. BERGANZO. Here the route leaves the GR1 and starts a long climb up the San Baules ravine, along the forest road to the top of La Rasa, where it joins the GR1 again.


Km 14,6. PORTILLA. Back in the village.





Technical information on the route

Type of route

Distance 14,6 km
Duration 4h 30 min
Difficulty Medium
Elevation 563 m


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