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The Sopeña Royal Road

The Sopeña Royal Road is a long-distance walking trail (GR-284) that, being relatively even, brings us closer to the history of a route used by merchants and traders who travelled between the valley of Mena in Burgos and the city of Orduña.

The journey begins in Orduña and climbs quickly towards the Sierra Sálvada mountains along the Camino del Txarlazo and then continuing to Lendoñogoiti and Añes. From here it heads towards the medieval town of Artziniega, crossing the valley of the San Miguel river and the villages of Sojo and Sojoguti.

From Amurrio it branches off towards Izoria to continue its route to the Quejana complex of historical monuments. From here find the route that takes you to Menoio in order to reach the hamlet of Oletar along the popular Camino de Angulo.

The alternative route GR 284.1 takes us to the heights of the Sierra Sálvada mountain range. From Oletar the route heads toward the historic Portillo de Aro, passing through a karst landscape with unparalleled views. After crossing several summits on the mountain range, our road connects up with the Goldetxo route, which goes down from Txarlazo to Orduña and which, after becoming a better road for pack animals and carts, robbed the Camino de la Sopeña of its merchants and traders.



The first stage invites you to follow in the path of mules and merchants as they travelled between Castile and Orduña. Leaving Orduña heading towards Lendoñogoiti to look for the road that, with a relatively even hillside, leads to the dolmens of Añes.


From Añes, leaving the steep rock faces of the Sierra Sálvada behind, the route leads toward the medieval village of Artziniega crossing the course of the San Miguel river and the valley of Sojo.


Between Amurrio and Oletar it passes through several interesting rural settings such as Izoria and Menoio, and visits a place steeped in history: the Quejana Complex of Historical Monuments. This enclave represents one of the greatest archaeological and architectural jewels within the territory of Ayala.

Alternative route 284.1 Oletar-Camino del Txarlazo

This alternative route begins in the fields of Oletar, rising close to the heights of the Sierra Sálvada and, after passing the historic Portillo de Aro, reaches the shepherds’ huts of Kobata in a unique setting. Following the Grazing Trail we arrive at the old Camino del Txarlazo and then go down to Orduña.

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