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GR-99 Ebro nature trail

Route 11 - Logroño / Villabuena de Álava

GR-99 Ebro nature trail



The Ebro is the only major river on the Mediterranean side, since the waters of all the other peninsular arteries of equal dimensions, i.e., Tajo, Duero, Guadiana and Guadalquivir, flow into the Atlantic Ocean.


Alavabus route 11 allows us to learn more about it and enjoy its riches. We suggest getting off at Assa to follow the section of the GR-99 that connects this small town with Lapuebla de Labarca (6 km) or, if you feel like walking, continuing on to Elciego (16 km). You can catch the bus back to Logroño from either of these two locations.


Highly recommended: before starting the route, visit the 164 m long, 11th century bridge of Mantible, due to its historical significance. Located downstream of the GR-99, and just a few minutes walk from Assa.