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History of the Basque-Navarre railway

Route 6 - Vitoria-Gasteiz / Santa Cruz de Campezo / Estella

History of the Basque-Navarre railway

Alavabus route 6 takes us to all points along the Basque-Navarre greenway, however, we recommend visiting two particular stretches:


1. Maeztu to Antoñana represents 8 km of the route, where the unparalleled landscape of the Montaña Alavesa provides shelter all along the way.


2. From Maeztu to the Leorza-Cicujano tunnel. This short route will surprise you when you reach this 300 metre long tunnel, noted for being the first Basque-Navarre greenway tunnel to have been restored and decorated.


You can also discover:


  • Medieval Town of Antoñana and Basque-Navarre Interpretation Centre.
  • Izki natural park, covering 9,143 hectares and the third largest natural park in the Basque Country. You should use the Antoñana stop as a reference to do the 10 km walk to Korres in order to enjoy the day in the lzki natural park’s recreational area. Catch the bus from Antoñana again to return to Vitoria-Gasteiz.