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Zulueta Palace
Zulueta Palace

Now known as the Fine Arts Museum, Zulueta Palace has become one of the most emblematic buildings in Vitoria-Gasteiz. It is a palace on the Paseo de la Senda, in the heart of the city. It was acquired by the Álava Provincial Council in 1941 when it was turned into a museum open to the public with free entry.

The palace has a basement and three upper floors comprised of Renaissance, Classical, and Gothic components. It also boasts large windows where great natural light floods in and illuminates the chapel inside. Outside, it has a beautiful garden, which has become a popular spot for visitors to take photos. In fact, many couples choose this location for their wedding photos.

The museum has a permanent collection specialising in Basque art from 1850-1950 by artists including Juan Ángel Sáez and Juan de Barroeta, and other artists using impressionist and post-impressionist techniques like Darío de Regoyos, Francisco Iturrino and Aurelio Arteta.

Arte Ederren Museoa

Photography: Vitoria Fine Arts Museum

Ignacio Díaz de Olano, a key figure in Alavese painting, holds a special place at the museum with works including “The Restaurant” and “Return from the Calvary Pilgrimage”. These pieces are pivotal to the collection and make it even more special. The museum also offers temporary exhibits and virtual tours.

If you’d like to learn more about the palace and the museum, download its catalogue.

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