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Pintxos Álava
What does Vitoria-Gasteiz taste of?

Have you heard of pintxo-pote? Every Thursday, people young and old meet in the bars of Vitoria-Gasteiz to enjoy the local cuisine accompanied by a "pote". ‘Stained’ omelettes, mini hamburgers, ‘champis’ or mushrooms… there are so many options to be found in Alava's eateries.


Sundown in the streets of Vitoria-Gasteiz and groups get together to chat with a "pote" or “txikito” in one hand and a "pintxo" in the other. It's a tradition that's been going on for more than 20 years and consists of a small snack and a drink. It's so deeply rooted that there are currently more than 20 "pintxo-pote" routes covering the whole city. Neighbourhoods such as Lakua, Zabalgana and Judimendi have their own particular "pintxo-pote", and many of them are no longer exclusively on Thursdays. 


Each route tells a story, provides a different atmosphere and lets you enjoy very varied pintxos. One of the recommended routes is the Guía Green, a selection of bars and pintxos for the 10th anniversary of Vitoria-Gasteiz being named European Green Capital 2012. You also have the option of la Ruta de las Barricas on the first Saturday of the month, coinciding with La Almendra market. Otherwise, there's always the option of an alternative route, choosing the bars that most appeal to you. Because what's really important about pintxo-pote is the excuse to be with friends. Are you going to join us for pintxo-pote?

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