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Inland beaches


Ullibarri-Gamboa Reservoir

The Ullibarri-Gamboa reservoir has three inland beaches where visitors can sunbathe, swim or simply enjoy the silence and the beauty of a sunset. These beaches, whose quality is recognized with a blue flag, are located in the Provincial Parks of Garaio and Landa, and offer various services. 

Located on the Plains of Álava, the reservoir collects water from the basin of the river Zadorra. This river basin channels the tributaries and streams from the slopes of the watershed to the north of Álava, with the Elgeamendi, Aizkorri and Aratz mountains; and from the Sierra de Entzia to the south

The location of the reservoir in a transition area halfway between the oceanic influence and the continental climate favours biodiversity, with the presence of species from different environments. Copses of gall oaks, riverbank vegetation marking out the paths of streams and rivers, aquatic environments with broad stretches of water, farmland and small hamlets make human activity compatible with the preservation of the natural resources.

Further information

The information office is located in Garaio Provincial Park, providing information on the Ullíbarri-Gamboa reservoir environment as well as on all the activities that can be carried out and the services provided.


Garaio beach

Garaio Provincial Park is located on the outskirts of the old town from which it takes its name, on the banks of the Ullíbarri-Gamboa reservoir. This regional park forms a small peninsula of 116 hectares, which enters the reservoir at the height of the mouth of the Zadorra River.

This area of gentle, green hills, extensive and well-kept fields, alternating with copses, all on the edge of the water table, is an appropriate enclave to experience nature, learning to take care of it, conserve it, love it. Blackthorns, hawthorns, hawthorns, maples or ash trees, storks, robins, jays, tits, wagtails, butterflies, badgers or hedgehogs are some examples of flora and fauna that we can discover and enjoy..

The park has a network of roads and car parks that make access to the park more comfortable and pleasant, in addition to extensive well-cared-for public use facilities (information office, signposted pathways, viewpoints, fountains, toilets, beach areas, showers , etc) that facilitates leisure activities.

Observing wild flora and fauna, walking or cycling, photographing nature, taking guided tours, participating in seminars, flying kites or taking a bath are some of the activities that can be done in Garaio.

Landa beach

The Landa Provincial Park, with an area of ​​40 hectares, is located to the northwest of the Ullibarri-Gamboa reservoir, in the surroundings of the Arlaban neighborhood and that of the Station, within the municipality of Arrazua-Ubarrundia.

Its location, good accessibility by car, bicycle or public transport, the level of infrastructure for public use and the characteristics of the place make it an ideal enclave to enjoy leisure time in contact with nature and outdoors.

This dimension of play must be compatible with the care of water, whose main destination is the supply of water to the population, and with the conservation of the biodiversity that develops in it. The quality landscape, the presence of water and the protection and conservation of the natural environment are the aspects most taken into account when choosing places to enjoy leisure in nature.

In this sense, the Ullibarri-Gamboa reservoir has become a leading reference in recreational and sports activities (fishing, canoeing, windsurfing, routes, etc.). On the edge of the reservoir is the Vitoria-Gasteiz Yacht Club. Likewise, in Landa there is a playground with an area equipped for bathing. A 45-kilometer artificial road borders the reservoir. You can walk through it, ride a bike, etc.

In addition, the island of Zuaza, located in the reservoir in front of the so-called Isla de los Conejos, is currently a game center (summer camps) aimed mainly at schoolchildren. This area has a hostel, play area, bathing area, pier and you can practice water activities such as rowing, canoeing, windsurfing, etc. The island is open from the end of April to mid-October, except for the entire month of July and the first half of August, which is reserved for colonies. The rest of the time it is open to the general public and can be attended by adults, associations, etc.

Landa offers a bucolic landscape made up of green, well-kept and extensive meadows where beautiful-looking solitary oaks or ash trees grow and pine forests are interspersed with them, allowing you to find sunny areas and shaded areas on the edge of the water sheet.

Maroño reservoir

The Maroño reservoir, located near the village of the same name and belonging to the municipality of Ayala, is protected by the Sierra Salvada, a mountain range with steep slopes and craggy cliffs that rises up out of this valley in the north of Álava.

This beautiful spot has wide open spaces surrounded by green meadows.

There are several attractions in this area, unknown even by many from Álava, and the landscape is undoubtedly the first of these: together with the surroundings the waters of this lake which flow in from the river Izoria offer one of the most beautiful views in Álava and Euskadi. The seasons of the year fashion the colours and shapes, each with its own particular charm.

From Maroño Reservoir, built at the beginning of the 1990s, it is possible to see nearby mountain peaks such as Tologorri, Ungino and Eskutxi which, at 1,180 meters, represents the summit of the Sierra Salvada. Also worth admiring is the splendid wooded setting, made up of pines, oaks and shrubs

Another attraction is the possibility to enjoy some fishing: the dam that holds back these waters receives many anglers trying to catch pike, the most abundant species, or trout (only between March and September). Added to which, the reservoir acts as a shelter for migratory birds which, due to the weather conditions, cannot circumvent the mountains.

In short, Maroño combines the ideal conditions to enjoy a day in a beautiful natural setting and stroll along its paths. Visitors also have a picnic area equipped with tables and grills, and until the Nervión linear park is completed, a 33 km walk along the river course from Arrankudiaga to Delika



The Maroño reservoir is 46 and 35 kilometres from Vitoria-Gasteiz and Bilbao, respectively. From Vitoria-Gasteiz take the N-622 to then link up with the AP-68 and A-624, while from Bilbao the best route is via the AP-68 and the A-625. In both cases, once at Amurrio head for Respaldiza and once at the Murga Industrial Estate take the left turning for Izoria and continue until you reach the reservoir.

Albina Reservoir

Albina is the smallest of the Zadorra system reservoirs. It is located some 9 kilometres from Vitoria-Gasteiz, on the river Albina, alongside the road that goes to the idyllic Aramaio valley, surrounded by woods in a setting which, for itself alone, deserves a visit.

The reservoir is approximately 4 kilometres long and has an elongated, tapered shape due to the narrowing of the river.

Like a small sea set between deep woods, creating a beautiful vignette of the lake. Below its waters lie large stone slabs to remind us that this was once the old road that led to Aramaio.

Sailing or bathing is not permitted at Abina, nor any other leisure activity, except for fishing. Also worth mentioning is the existence of a zone considered to be a “nudist area”.


To get to the lake you have to take the A-623 road from Legutiano and the A-2620 that heads towards Arrasate-Mondragón.

Urrunaga Reservoir

The Urrunaga reservoir, also known as Villarreal, Legutio or Santa Engracia, is a firm favourite with many Basque anglers.

It is located in a high region that forms the border between Álava and Bizkaia, near the foothills of Gorbea mountain, and is used to supply drinking water to both provinces.

This enclave is one of Legutio’s main tourist attractions, which has promoted the development of various leisure, sports and relaxation related activities.

On one side of the banks of the reservoir the recreational areas of Sorgimendi and Zabalain, with picnic tables, grills, fountains, playgrounds, etc., have been installed. On the other, to the north is the  Regatta Course, which, due to its depth, accommodates sailing craft of up to 12 metres and is suitable for water skiing.. 



To get to the reservoir take the road that goes from Legutiano via the A-623 and A-2620 heading towards Arrasate-Mondragón. The entrance to the reservoir is at km 19, just after a right-hand bend.