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Salto del Nervión Waterfall

The Sierra Salvada mountain range, also known as Gorobel, is an imposing group of irregularly shaped mountains running along the 20 kilometres that separate mount Santiago to the southeast and the mountain pass of Angulo to the northwest.

Its slopes vary between 300 and 400 meters, producing an authentic natural wall, its most emblematic peaks being Tologorri, Ungino and Txarlazo.

These mountains create impressive landscapes, however, the region’s panoramic view par excellence is undoubtedly the one from the Mirador del Nervión viewpoint, a balcony overhanging the Délika canyon, from where it is possible, during the wet season, to marvel at the spectacular 300 metre high river Nervión waterfall. This is the largest waterfall in Spain and one of the most important in Europe.

The whole mountain range also houses numerous remains of buildings linked to traditional, pastoral life: shepherds huts and sheep pens, shelters, prehistoric remains, wolf traps, etc.

The wolf traps (loberas) are probably one of the strangest and most peculiar constructions in the area, many of them are in good condition and make it possible to see and clearly understand the ancestral system of capturing wolves. Most notable among these are the wolf traps of Gibijo, Monte Santiago and San Miguel.

Walking through this natural setting is a pleasure and is a suitable leisure option for both young and old.

There are several hiking trails. The most popular of these trails leads up to the Mirador del Nervión through a beautiful beech wood, however, there are other equally attractive options such as the one that runs through the same Delika canyon from the village of the same name. This second trail is more suitable during the summer months.



Non dagoen, nola iritsi


Araba eta Burgos arteko mugan kokatuta dagoen Nerbioiko begiralekura iristeko, iparraldetik etor daiteke, Urduñako mendate arabarri igoz; hegoaldetik, berriz, Burgoseko Berberanako udalerritik. Kotxea aparkaleku egokituan utzi behar da eta seinaleztatutako bide batetik ibili behar da plataformara iritsi arte.


Delikara iristeko eta izen bereko arroilaren ibilbidea egiteko Gasteiztik N-622 errepidea hartu behar da, gero A-2521 Urduñara arte eta BI-4906. Bilbotik, berriz, AP-68 errepidea, A-625 Urduñara arte eta gero BI-4906.





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