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null Discover the "berrea" just one step away from Vitoria-Gasteiz
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Discover the "berrea" just one step away from Vitoria-Gasteiz

The Green Way, a path connecting the parks surrounding Vitoria-Gasteiz, is home to a number of animal species from birds to mammals. September is the month when deer rutting season begins in earnest.

Deer live separate for most of the year, but in September the females come into heat, beginning the mating season, which lasts between two and five weeks. The males are aware the females are in heat and make characteristic sounds to attract them attempting to show their strength and superiority over the other males. This is known as the roar of the deer.

In Alava you can observe this event in Salburua park and Gorbeia Natural Park. In Salburua park, you can take a peaceful stroll and walk around Arkaute pond, where you will hear the roaring throughout September and October.

In the case of Gorbeia Natural Park, you can get a permit to bike or horseback ride along the trails and attend guided tours to listen to and observe deer rutting.

Visitors interested in observing deer rutting should do so from the specifically designated observation areas, which are equipped for people to listen, watch, photograph and record. In these places, it is incredibly important to follow a few rules: stay silent, don’t make any sudden movements, keep your distance from the deer and do not use torches, spotlights or flashes.

Express authorisation from the Natural Park is required to film or photograph off the designated path. This authorisation will determine the places and times where this activity is permitted and the rules.

Until 8 October, vehicle usage and other activities are restricted for deer rutting season. The affected areas are in Zuia and Zigoitia.


Photografy: Berrea Álava