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null La Robleda de los sueños
The Oakwood of Dreams
The Oakwood of Dreams

The Oakwood of Dreams, (La Robleda de los Sueños) in Quejana, in the Ayala Valley, , is one of nature’s gems, combining the beauty of a breathtaking oakwood with the creativity of 25 national and international artists. The project came about as an initiative to raise awareness about the work of 25 NGOs throughout Euskadi.


This unique open-air art gallery was created in 2021 for the 25th anniversary of the Hotel-Restaurant Arcos de Quejana Foundation to expand the philanthropic forest they already had.


Twenty robust oak trees were carefully selected to become living canvases for the 25 artists working on the project. Their talent and creativity covered each trunk with a rich colour palette and wide variety of shapes.


The Oakwood of Dreams has become a magical, must-see place. Immerse yourself in a unique, enveloping environment for an unforgettable experience.


You’ll also have the opportunity to take in art from all of the artists and learn a bit more about the work the various NGOs do. This project is yet another example of how art, nature and aid work can come together to have a positive impact on society.


If you’ve got a chance to visit the Ayala Valley, don't miss out on the Oakwood of Dreams experience. Get lost in a magical atmosphere while enjoying its natural beauty and meaningful artwork.


The Oakwood of Dreams is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 noon on.
Reservations are required.

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