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  • Gorbeia Natural Park

    Gorbeia Natural Park, declared as such on 21st June 1994, offers us one of the most rewarding experiences that can be found in Euskadi.
  • Tower of the Varona

    The Palace Tower of the Varona family is the only fortress in Álava that retains its moat and, according to the historian Micaela Portilla, “one of the best preserved fortified structures in the...
  • Valderejo Natural Park

    A wide, high valley surrounded by steep slopes that end in rocky ledges. This might be the best way to describe the landscape of  Valderejo.
  • Txakoli

    Txakoli de Álava/Arabako Txakolina is a Designation of Origin that certifies the origin and quality of txakoli wine produced in the Ayala valley. The municipalities of Amurrio, Artziniega, Ayala,...
  • Añana Salt Valley

    Come to the Salt Valley and enjoy a unique experience: visit and learn about know one of the most unique architectural, scenic, archaeological, geological and historical sites in the world. Why?...
  • Izki Natural Park

    Izki Natural Park is located in the south-east of Álava, covering 9,143 hectares and is home to an enormous diversity of landscapes, and natural and cultural treasures.
  • Iruña-Veleia Archaeological Site

    Occupation of the archaeological site of Iruña-Veleia spans more than 1,500 years of history, from the first millennium BC until the fifth century AD.
  • Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park

    Aizkorri-Aratz lends its name to a long mountain range, running east to west, which features the highest mountains in the Basque Country such as Aitzuri (1,550 meters) and others that form an...
  • Santxotena Museum-Workshop

    The artist Xabier Santxotena, who studied under Jorge de Oteiza, was born into a family traditionally linked to wood crafts and is the creator of many exceptional pieces. His work can be viewed in...
  • Zalduondo Ethnographic Museum

    The Palace of Lazarraga-Amézaga in the village of Zalduondo is popular for two reasons.
  • Artziniega Ethnographic Museum

    The Artziniega Ethnographic Museum houses a magnificent exhibition covering more than 3,700 square meters, recreating the rural and urban ways of life of the inhabitants of Artziniega and the whole...
  • Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art

    The idea of creating a Diocesan Museum came about at the beginning of the 20th century when the first pieces of the collection began to come together on the premises of the Episcopal Palace....
  • Museum of water

    The Museum of Water is an innovative project designed to be an interactive space where modern technologies and simulations provide both learning and fun at the same time. It also aspires to be a...
  • Lantern Museum

    Only once a year, on the night of 4th August, did the people of Vitoria have an opportunity to admire the richness of the Lanterns and Carriages that form the Rosary of Lanterns; consequently the...
  • Basque Pottery Museum

    The Basque Pottery Museum is located in the Ollerías district in the town of Elosu. This museum stands in a rural setting of great natural beauty, between the Natural Parks of Urkiola and Gorbea,...
  • Museum of Natural Sciences Álava

    The MCNA opened its doors to the public in 1986, alongside the Aldabe city gate in the old low wall of Vitoria-Gasteiz’s old quarter, in the Tower of Doña Ochanda, a 15th century stronghold that...
  • Álava Museum of Fine Arts

    The Museum of Fine Arts, located on the tree-lined Paseo Fray Francisco in Vitoria-Gasteiz, is a definite must for lovers of art, history and architecture.
  • Álava Arms Museum

    Álava Arms Museum Álava Arms Museum Paseo Fray Francisco, 3 Vitoria-Gasteiz +34 945 181925 museoarmeria@araba.eus You can consult schedules and more details in the following link: ÁLAVA...
  • BIBAT. Fournier Playing Card Museum

    Located in the Medieval centre of the city, the Palace of Arrieta-Maestu or Palace of Bendaña houses the collection of the Fournier Museum of Playing Cards.
  • BIBAT Museum of Archaeology

    In the spring of 2009, after almost 35 years as a museum dedicated to a single theme, the Archaeological Museum of Álava became part of the new BIBAT museum complex.
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