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  • Green routes

    Hikers and nature lovers alike feel an affinity for our territory and rightly so.
  • Mountain Bike Centres

    Álava provides an ideal setting for mountain biking with spectacular trails between centuries-old woods, vineyards, ravines and gorges.
  • Segunda edición: Gorbeiako altxorrak

    Segunda edición: Gorbeiako altxorrak 21-09-2022 Este sábado 24 de septiembre, Gorbeialdea se prepara para una nueva edición del evento turístico “Gorbeiako Altxorrak” en la localidad alavesa de...
  • Nordic Walking Centres

    Álava is a paradise for fans of Nordic walking, in fact, more than half of the centres designed specifically for this sports activity in Euskadi are located within our historical territory.
  • Día del Pastor: un homenaje al queso

    Día del Pastor: un homenaje al queso 16-09-2022 El queso es uno de los productos gastronómicos más característicos de Amurrio. El 18 de septiembre se conmemora la XXVIII edición del Día del Pastor...
  • Tower of the Varona

    The Palace Tower of the Varona family is the only fortress in Álava that retains its moat and, according to the historian Micaela Portilla, “one of the best preserved fortified structures in the...
  • Santa Cruz de Campezo en

    Santa Cruz de Campezo is nestled among the Sierra de Codes, the mountains of Hornillos, San Cristóbal and the Sierra de Loquiz, and can be proud of its charming , peaceful well-preserved landscape.
  • Artziniega en

    The town of Artziniega was founded in 1272 by King Alfonso X, the Wise, and its urban area was soon protected with defensive walls and towers. Visitors can still see remains of these town walls...
  • Labraza Complex of Historical Monuments

    Labraza is a walled medieval village located at 677 meters above sea level.
  • Vitoria - Gasteiz

    Vitoria-Gasteiz, a city almost one thousand years old, founded in 1181 by King Sancho VI of Navarre, still retains its medieval almond-shaped layout intact.
  • Green Belt

    In 2010 the European Commission designated Vitoria-Gasteiz ‘European Green Capital’ in recognition of more than thirty years of environmentally friendly initiatives and sustainable development...
  • Valderejo Natural Park

    A wide, high valley surrounded by steep slopes that end in rocky ledges. This might be the best way to describe the landscape of  Valderejo.
  • Laguardia Complex of Historical Monuments

    There is a place where every corner tells a story and has a reason. Throughout the centuries it played an important role in the course of events. This place lies in the heart of Rioja Alavesa, the...
  • Stone wine presses

    Today, more than ever, Rioja Alavesa is synonymous with vineyards, wineries and fine wine. This drink has played a important role in the culture of Mediterranean peoples, although it was the Romans...
  • La Hoya Ancient Settlement

    The ancient settlement of La Hoya, one of the most important archaeological sites in Euskadi, shows the lifestyles and society of the people who lived there between 1200 BC and 250 BC.
  • Celtiberian pond

    The Barbacana Pond is an ancient Celtiberian water store that was recently discovered in 1998, following an archaeological dig on the site where it is located. It is the largest pond of its type in...
  • Álava Arms Museum

    Álava Arms Museum Álava Arms Museum Paseo Fray Francisco, 3 Vitoria-Gasteiz +34 945 181925 museoarmeria@araba.eus You can consult schedules and more details in the following link: ÁLAVA...
  • San Juan de Markinez Hermitage and Artificial Caves

    Markinez, a small town under the jurisdiction of Bernedo Town Council, has two cultural and historical sites, just a short distance apart, that can be visited consecutively: the hermitage of San...
  • Museum of Natural Sciences Álava

    The MCNA opened its doors to the public in 1986, alongside the Aldabe city gate in the old low wall of Vitoria-Gasteiz’s old quarter, in the Tower of Doña Ochanda, a 15th century stronghold that...
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria

    The Cathedral of Santa María, popularly known as the ‘Old Cathedral’, is one of the jewels of the historic-artistic heritage of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Álava and Euskadi due to its intrinsic value as a...
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