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    AZKENA ROCK FESTIVAL 20/06/2024 - 22/06/2024 Vitoria-Gasteiz The Azkena Rock Festival (often abbreviated as ARF) is a rock festival that has been held every year since 2002 in Vitoria, Álava,...
  • Trinity Pilgrimage

    Trinity Pilgrimage 16/06/2024 Kuartango In Kuartango, coinciding with the date of Corpus Christi, pilgrims meet up at a grotto from where water springs, just as our ancestors always done in order...
  • “The Mountains of Vitoria” long-distance race

    “The Mountains of Vitoria” long-distance race 15/06/2024 Vitoria-Gasteiz 62.24 km ultra long distance cross-mountain footrace.
  • Kaldearte en

    Kaldearte 07/06/2024 - 09/06/2024 Vitoria-Gasteiz 56 performances of different styles (street theatre, music, dance and circus). + info
  • Women’s race

    Women’s race 02/06/2024 Vitoria-Gasteiz The Pink Tide is preparing to enjoy its next appointment in the Central Lechera Asturiana Women’s Race. + info
  • Gasteiz “VI Half” Triathlon

    Gasteiz “VI Half” Triathlon 01/06/2024 Vitoria-Gasteiz Swimming: 1,900 metres in the Garaio reservoir. Cycling: 90 km and 700 m uphill slope across the plains of Álava. Half marathon: 21 km through...
  • Horse Fair

    Horse Fair 30/06/2024 Ondategi Exhibition of the horses from the foothills of Gorbea. Exhibition of cattle, horses, sheep and goats
  • Ahuntz Eguna

    Ahuntz Eguna 09/06/2024 Baranbio "Basque Country Goat Championship. Craft exhibition."
  • Ekin Day en

    Ekin Day 23/05/2024 17:00 Vitoria-Gasteiz Main day of the Álava Emprende Conference: meeting point and networking hotspot for entrepreneurship. Programa

    KOMEDIALDIA 21/05/2024 - 26/05/2024 VItoria-Gasteiz Humour-related exhibitions, conferences, plays and round tables. +info
  • Villabuena Wine Fest en

    Villabuena Wine Fest 04/05/2024 12:00-21:00 Villabuena de Álava Pintxo and wine tastings, children’s cookery workshop, communal meal, musical performances, dance exhibitions, etc.. + info
  • Txakoli Day

    Txakoli Day 26/05/2024 Amurrio "Tasting, exhibition and sale of txakoli of Alava, pintxos and portions of food. Exhibition and sale of craft products." + info
  • Spring Fair

    Spring Fair 19/05/2024 Antoñana Contest, tastings, sale of honey and craft products. Craft exhibition
  • San Isidro Fair Laguardia

    San Isidro Fair 19/05/2024 Respaldiza Exhibition and tasting of wine-related products Exhibition of animals, 0km machinery and music.
  • San Isidro Fair

    San Isidro Fair 15/05/2024 Respaldiza Araba Pedigree Pyrenean Beef Cattle Contest. Exhibition of sheep, goats, donkeys and horses.
  • Itzulia Women en

    Itzulia Women 10/05/2024 - 12/05/2024 Vitoria-Gasteiz Women’s cycling race covering 363.60 km, crossing Álava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, finishing in San Sebastián. + info
  • Bandera del Vino regatta

    Bandera del Vino regatta 18/05/2024 La Puebla de Labarca Boating competition on the Ebro River, with rowing clubs from the Basque Country. Stands from local wineries. Lunches and music throughout...
  • Martín Fiz Marathon

    Martín Fiz Marathon 05/05/2024 Vitoria-Gasteiz Route covering 42,195 metres, officially recognised by the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation. + info
  • Empleo Gune en

    Empleo Gune 09/05/2024 Vitoria-Gasteiz Foro de Empleo de Vitoria-Gasteiz. 09:00 a 14:30 h. Palacio de Congresos Europa. + info
  • Day of the piper

    Day of the piper 12/05/2024 Laguardia Festivity carried out in homage to Don Jesús Martínez (Jimeleo), pipe major of Laguardia, attended by pipers from all over the world. + info
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