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  • Descubre las playas de Álava: tres increíbles arenales de interior con...

    Descubre las playas de Álava: tres increíbles arenales de interior con bandera azul 04-07-2024 Si aún no conoces las playas de Álava, te recomendamos que sigas leyendo y prepares el bañador, la...
  • 5 planes perfectos para hacer en familia este verano en Álava

    Naturaleza, cultura, gastronomía... Álava tiene mucho de lo que disfrutar y el verano es el momento ideal para hacerlo, con planes familiares como estos.
  • The Old Market of Artziniega

    The Old Market of Artziniega 14/09/2024 Artziniega Artisans dressed in period clothing exhibit and sell handicrafts and food products. Más información
  • MAGIALDIA - International Festival of Magic

    MAGIALDIA: International Festival of Magic 16/09/2024 - 22/09/2024 Vitoria-Gasteiz Every year, some of the world’s most prestigious magicians come to the city to delight the public with their...
  • FesTVal en

    FesTVal 02/09/2024 - 08/09/2024 Vitoria-Gasteiz The Vitoria-Gasteiz Television Festival brings back its street activities and traditional orange carpet, in addition to its customary programme of...
  • Pilgrimage to Olarizu

    Pilgrimage to Olarizu 09/09/2024 Campas de Olarizu (Vitoria-Gasteiz) The vents of this rural day include an ‘alubiada‘ (meal of beans for the public) and other festivities such as inflatables,...
  • Day of the Shepherd

    Day of the Shepherd 22/09/2024 Amurrio Sheep contest Exhibition and sale of home-made goods and shepherding implements. Sheep dog contest.
  • Alavesa Wine Harvest Festival

    Alavesa Wine Harvest Festival 15/09/2024 Lanciego Tasting and sale of Alavesa Rioja wine and other products. More information
  • Transparent Agricultural Market

    Transparent Agricultural Market 14/09/2024 Vitoria-Gasteiz Direct sale of products from the farms of Álava. Featuring the vegetable garden of Álava.
  • Angosto Fair

    Angosto Fair 01/09/2024 Angosto Sanctuary Exhibition of local livestock and farm machinery. Stalls selling agricultural produce and craft products.
  • Bonfires of “Saint John the Beheaded”

    Bonfires of “Saint John the Beheaded” 29/08/2024 Laguardia and Salvatierra The bonfire is lit in honour of the festival of Saint John ‘The Beheaded’, bringing the summer festivities to an end.
  • Pipaon Live Ethnography Day

    Pipaon Live Ethnography Day 31/08/2024 Pipaón All the inhabitants of Pipaón, dressed in ancient clothing, remember the trades and customs of their grandparents and those of their grandparents'...
  • Dia del Baserritarra en

    Day of the ‘Baserritarra’ (Basque Villager) 23/08/2024 Llodio Exhibition and sale of products during the San Roque festivities. Sheep dog contest.

    ESFÉRICA RIOJA ALAVESA FESTIVAL 23/08/2024 - 25/08/2024 Elciego, Laguardia, Labastida, Lapuebla de Labarca Discover one of Basque Country’s most spectacular regions on the banks of the Ebro River...
  • Livestock Fair of San Roque

    Livestock Fair of San Roque 16/08/2024 Amurrio The exhibition will be of cattle with the Pyrenean, Limousine, Charolais, Terreña, Betizu and other breeds; of sheep; goat; equine meat and other...
  • Artzain Eguna

    Artzain Eguna 15/08/2024 Araia Exhibition and sale of cheese, craft and organic products. XVII Idiazabal cheese contest. Álava Sheep Dog Championship. Group Llanada Alavesa
  • Araia Comic Theatre Festival

    Araia Comic Theatre Festival 14/08/2024 - 18/08/2024 Araia Humour and theatre fill the venues and streets of Araia and other towns in the region with a quality programme that grows year after year,...
  • San Lorenzo Pilgrimage and Fair

    San Lorenzo Pilgrimage and Fair 10/08/2024 Valderejo Park House, Lalastra Traditional pilgrimage to the hermitage of San Lorenzo, where mass is then held. A popular raffle, an appetizer and the...
  • Virgen Blanca Festivities

    Virgen Blanca Festivities 04/08/2024 - 09/08/2024 Vitoria-Gasteiz On 4th August, Vitoria-Gasteiz’s festival par excellence begins at six o’clock in the evening with the traditional “chupinazo”,...
  • Day of the Blusa and Neska

    Day of the Blusa and Neska 25/07/2024 All day Vitoria-Gasteiz The Garlic Fair. Exhibition and sale of garlic on the sloping San Francisco street and its surroundings. More information
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