Ortzai Theatre

Ortzai Theatre

This is a small theatre where the audience, being so close to the stage, is in the middle of the play and the professional acting skills of its performers.

This theatre company, established in Vitoria Gasteiz in 2005, is committed to artistic and personal growth by means of the performing arts. Ortzai sees theatre as a powerful tool to strengthen the sense of community and to address contemporary issues such as gender equality and social and environmental awareness, encouraging interculturality and multilingualism.

Ortzai seeks commitment from its actresses and actors, and its productions are aimed at both adult audiences and, occasionally, family audiences, in the latter case promoting inner reflection among the young and intergenerational dialogue.

Peace, coexistence, ecology and critical consumption, as well as social and gender equality are the Ortzai’s main interests, all reflected in their theatrical repertoire, based on both classic and contemporary works.



c/ Pintorería, nº 39, 01001 Vitoria-Gasteiz


945 203 845

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