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3 planes en familia para disfrutar de Álava
3 Family-Friendly Plans in Álava

If anything characterises Álava it is the nature and richness of its outdoor spaces. Álava offers limitless options and itineraries for a great time in nature with your family. We’ve got three different proposals: enjoy an experience learning about rural living at a farm school, play at an adventure park or discover one of the most impressive waterfalls in the area: Salto del Nervión.

1. Learn about rural living at a farm school

Álava has two farm schools: Granja Escuela de Vitoria and Granja de Arkaia. The goal of these spaces is to get children into rural environments, far from the city life they are accustomed to.

Kids can visit these farms with their families or with their schools. They’ll learn about animals like donkeys, rabbits and hens. Learning how animals live has never been so fun. Feed the hens, take a donkey ride or simply enjoy watching the animals live in their natural environment. These schools also have special events like dramatised tours, concerts and special Christmas meals.

2. Spend a day at an adventure park

Álava has a number of adventure parks for the most daring and adventure-seeking families. They offer a wide range of activities including kayaking, paintball, archery and horseback riding. Their obstacle curses are some of their most popular and noted activities. These courses put various skills to the test. Kids climb, jump, run up stairs, cross suspension bridges, ride zip lines and scale climbing walls.


Photography: Suspension bridge at an adventure park


Everyone will be informed of the safety measures in place and children will be accompanied and monitored throughout the course, in addition to wearing safety harnesses. Most of these parks have a large piece of lush land nearby where your family can have a snack and a rest. There are a number of adventure parks in Álava including Parque de Aventuras de Sobrón with a wide range of activities and Hontza Extrem with activities for all ages. This plan is certainly off the beaten path and sure to be a blast for the whole family!

3. Marvel at Salto del Nervión Falls

If you prefer to spend the day hiking with your family, Salto del Nervión is just the ticket. In this remarkable place, you can watch as water free falls 222 metres before crashing into the rocks of the mountain.

Photography: Salto del Nervión Waterfall in winter


You can reach the falls from several different starting points, but the trek from Álava takes only an hour and a half starting in Untza. It's a short route that is easy to do with kids.

The lookout point offers striking panoramic views, making it an essential stop any time of year.

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