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Central Park Experiences

This is a set of experiences aimed at enjoying Gorbeia in a different way.


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Gorbeia Central Park, named Best Product of Active Tourism by FITUR in 2012, offers the possibility of experiencing G-astronomy (dinner under the stars in places with low light pollution + mountainside astronomy session), be a shepherd for a day (accompany a shepherd and his dogs with the herd + guided visit and tasting of Idiazabal cheese) or embark on a blind safari (night trip to Gorbeia with an expert guide to discover the sounds of the fauna).

A total of up to twenty experiences for all tastes and all types of traveller, whether seeking rest and tranquillity (natural medicine workshop, picnic on wheels, body-mind in nature, well-being in the mountains, etc.) or more thrilling sensations (vertical school, kayaking and picnic...).

Live your Gorbeia Central Park Experience, where you can enjoy thematic routes, picnics, cultural and adventure activities, and many more programmes to choose from:

Blind Safari: Includes a guided walk inside the park and a safari session on foot.

The World of Druku: Includes an exhibition of working dog obedience and skills, shepherding exercises with the flock or falconry, plus the opportunity to practice archery.

Body-mind in Nature: Includes animal imitation exercises; special flexibility, balance, healing energy, mind-spirit cultivation and tranquillity-relaxation sessions; or a series of yoga techniques to combat stress plus relaxation techniques.

Well-being in the Mountains: Includes a spa tour.

Vertical School: Includes a guided tour along a route through the area and level 2 caving (Mairuelegorreta); introduction to climbing activity (grade 4 and 5) on the Peñas de Oro; or guided tour along a route through the area and level 3 caving (Sima de Abaro, Jentilzubi).

Acrobatics in the Trees: includes various courses around the adventure park (suitable for children and adults); Tree climbing or archery for those aged 8 and older; or a “Treasure Hunt” orienteering game.

Picnic on Wheels: Includes off-road bike rental and a take-away picnic service including a PDO Idiazabal cheese pintxo, an omelette or Iberian cold meat (cured ham, pork or salami) roll and a soft-drink, plus the recommended routes.

Picnic and Kayaking: Includes kayak rental, training session and materials, plus personalised picnic including a PDO Idiazabal cheese pintxo, an omelette or Iberian cold meat (cured ham, pork or salami) roll and a soft-drink, plus the recommended routes.

Golf in the Mountains: Includes 18-hole course set in Gorbeia Natural Park; or an 18-hole course and gourmet menu at a golf club located in the vicinity of the Gorbeia Natural Park.

Shepherd for a Day: Includes guided tour of the farm with the possibility of cheese tasting and/or production workshop, as well as familiarization with tending the flock and a demonstration of sheepdog skills.

Beekeeper for a Day: Includes guided tour of the hives and the honey extraction workshop, with an exhibition of the bees in their combs and an explanation about the world of bees accompanied by a honey tasting.

Hand in Hand: Includes craft coexistence workshop, visit set in a pottery, creating a basic piece of Basque pottery, the katilla (bowl).

G-Astronomy: Includes picnic, astronomy session and mystical tales.

With an Artistic Flavour: Includes “know and taste” cookery course and subsequent tasting of the dishes produced.

The Beer of Gorbeia: Includes guided tour of the facilities and an explanation about brewing process and machinery, accompanied by a sampling and tasting of the local Baias beers.




Just 20 minutes from Bilbao and Vitoria-Gasteiz you have a paradise for your senses at your disposal, offering nature, tradition, gastronomy and leisure in its purest form. Since 2010, Gorbeialdea Rural Development Association and the Cuadrilla de Gorbeialdea have been working together to promote tourism in the Gorbeia area.

Looking at the map, “tourist destination Gorbeia” is made up of several municipalities in Álava and Bizkaia. On the Álava side: Aramaio, Arratzua-Ubarrundia, Legutio, Urkabustaiz, Zigoitia and Zuia. On the Bizkaia side: Arakaldo, Arantzazu, Artea, Areatza, Bedia, Galdakao, Otxandio, Orozko, Ubide, Zeanuri.