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Museum of water

The Museum of Water is an innovative project designed to be an interactive space where modern technologies and simulations provide both learning and fun at the same time. It also aspires to be a valuable tool for educating and raising awareness among children and adults to conserve natural resources, improve the environment and use water responsibly.

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Añana Regional Tourist office

  Añana Turismo

Plaza Miguel Díaz de Tuesta s/n Salinas de Añana

 +34 945 351 386

This engaging exhibition space is located in Sobrón, southwest Álava, in an outstanding natural setting, long associated with water. Its proximity to the Ebro river defines its character and terrain, without forgetting the properties of the mineral rich medicinal waters of its old spa, known as the “Spanish Vichy”, that enjoyed much renown during the 19th century and the first half of the 20th.

Sobrón pays homage to this history at the Museum of Water.

Thematic areas

The Museum of Water offers visitors five thematic areas:


Living Water

A place with an enchanting atmosphere that invites the visitor to enter the world of water through stunning visual and auditory sensations related to the different states of this substance.


The science of water

This space shows the close relationship between water and life, revealing its origin, composition, behaviour, characteristics, etc.


Water that cures

The therapeutic functions attributed to water throughout history and its importance in different religions are explained here.


Water and environment

In keeping with a philosophy of respect for the environment, development models that are kinder to the planet and practices aimed at saving and reducing water consumption figure prominently in the museum. At the end of this space, the visitor can enter a tunnel to experience the water cycle.


Water that thinks

The public can enter a gigantic human head, projected inside which are images and messages concerning the importance of this element in basic biological functions.

More information:

Contact telephone 945 35 92 35

Añana Regional Tourist office.

Plaza Miguel Díaz de Tuesta s/n. Salinas de Añana.

Tel 945 35 13 86


The Museum of Water is located in the municipality of Sobrón, southwest Álava, 50 kilometres from Vitoria-Gasteiz and 80 kilometres from Bilbao, Logroño and Burgos.