Fortified town founded by King Sancho “the Wise” of Navarre in 1182 on an ancient fort.

The town has kept its medieval structure intact, characterized by three parallel streets in a north-south direction linked by alleys and passageways covered with wooden roofs, as well as much of its ancient walls.

Walking down the Main street, which runs through the village connecting the two original town gates, is like strolling through the history of this border region between the old kingdoms of Castille and Navarre. The 16th century tower house, the palatial stone buildings bearing 16th century shields, the stone houses of traditional medieval architecture and the wooden entrance all recall this memory.

The town wall is the most characteristic of Antoñana. Originally built with a defensive purpose, as its twelve meter height attests, but with the passage of time it became incorporated into the houses as they were being built, so that today windows and balconies can be seen cut through it.

On the site of the old gaol, built into the wall itself, there is a hall displaying ethnographic objects.

The surroundings offer a wide range of routes and paths for hikers, mountain bikers and cyclists.






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