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Abastos Market

Abastos Market

The Abastos Market in Vitoria-Gasteiz is the city’s traditional market where locals and visitors come to buy top-quality fresh produce.

Over the years its facilities have also become a place for meeting up, training and leisure.

Consequently, the traditional stalls, which continue to offer the best fresh produce, especially those from the market gardens of Álava, have had eight gastrobars added, where you can taste sample, hamburgers, Mexican food, Italian food, tortillas and sushi.

Since its last refurbishment the Abastos Market now boasts with a training centre, the Abastos Cooking Centre. A project undertaken by the Abastos Foundation that aims to revitalise this space and contribute to the educational assets of our city.

This Kitchen Classroom, located on the top floor, offers ample facilities to develop courses, workshops and other culinary activities. It has 18 places for students to cook and learn and, in front of them, a kitchen and demonstration area for the teachers.

Abastos Market

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