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San Prudencio

San Prudencio, anchorite and cleric who became bishop of Tarazona, has been patron saint of Álava since the middle of the 17th century and his feast day is 28th April, however, festivities in his honour begin the day before with a performance - to the sound of Trumpeters and Drummers from the Provincial Council of Álava - of massed drums (Tamborrada) in Plaza de la Provincia in Vitoria-Gasteiz.


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During the Tamborrada cooks and representatives of the gastronomic societies of Álava, dressed in chef’s aprons and hats, congregate to march through the streets to the sound of the txistu (Basque fipple flute) and drum. Scrambled perretxikos, a type of mushroom, and snails are typically eaten on these dates.

On the day of San Prudencio there is a popular pilgrimage to the basilica of Armentia  in order to venerate the relics of the Saint. When the religious ceremony has finished, there are cooking contests, marching bands, rural sports and other activities held in the fields around the temple.

This also becomes the perfect excuse to be exactly where tradition dictates one should be, convinced that learning from the past forms part of the knowledge needed to face the present and the future.


The festivities mainly take place in Plaza de España, Plaza de la Provincia and the fields of Armentia.