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Hontza Extreme

Hontza extreme is a multi-adventure park and a new concept in outdoor activities. It combines fun and adventure in a natural environment, providing the opportunity to enjoy its circuits, specially designed to be used by everyone and offering entertainment as well as education and learning.

Hontza Extreme

  Oletako Bidea, 48210 Otxandio

  633 468 947


Above all, going to this adventure park means direct contact with nature and showing respect for the environment. So, in addition to enjoying all everything on offer, visitors can add to the experience with incredible walks through the surrounding woods.

The aim of the facilities is to allow users to participate in three different activities:

  • The adventure park in the treetops: This includes various circuits and area that allow participants to combine play with skill, dexterity and adventure - Tibetan bridges, zip lines, vine swinging, swinging logs, net bridges, Nepalese climbing, monkey climbing, etc.
  • Archery: Demonstrate aim and skill with this millennia-old weapon.
  • Tree climbing A novel way to climb trees safely and demonstrate skill.

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The park has its own parking facilities, additional services (shop and playroom), picnic area and toilets, all adapted for people with reduced mobility, even in wheelchairs.

Languages: Spanish, Basque and English.



The centre is located 25 kilometres from Vitoria-Gasteiz, via the N-240, the A-623 and the BI-3941.