Mairuelegorreta Caves

Mairuelegorreta Caves

The Mairuelegorreta cave environment is another of the most impressive places to practice caving in Euskadi.


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Currently, the main access is protected by a fence. Its entrance is 7.40 meters wide and a maximum height of 3 meters. These caves run for 12.5 km and at a depth of 215, in which water currents have have eroded out up to 5 different levels.

The most well-known galleries are La Capilla, El Zarpazo, Peña Grande or El Pozo del Diablo.

L300 m from the entrance there is a large cavern that can accommodate 1000 people and each year it is the venue for a folklore festival.

Length of the visit is about an hour, given that the low temperatures make it difficult to remain much longer.

The link between the Mairuelegorreta Caves and Basque mythology is reflected in its name (Mairu = Mari), as well as being one of the two abodes of the great goddess. There are also legends about a treasure trove hidden in an ox skin inside one of the caves.

Currently, a permit is needed in order to visit the cave and this is done with an experienced guide, so those who intend to do the tour unsupervised will only get as far as the main mouth of the cave which, even in itself, is a place of outstanding beauty.


Located in Zigoitia, Cuadrilla de Gorbeialdea/Gorbeialdeko Kuadrilla.

Murua is some 14 km from Vitoria-Gasteiz. From the village of Murua, follow the road that goes up alongside the reservoirs of Gorbeia, which takes you to the car park in the recreational area in the quarries.