Henayo Fort

Henayo Fort

The Henaio fort was the site of a fortified settlement established during the Late Bronze Age on a hill near the town of Alegría-Dulantzi, which remained active throughout the whole of the Iron Age (between 840 and 100 BC). Many generations of peoples of Central European and Celtiberian origin lived their lives on this site.

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Archaeological excavations conducted between 1969 and 1970 revealed and disseminated what life was like for these people: their homes, their economy, the settlement’s defences against possible attacks by invaders, etc..

The visit starts at the Interpretation Centre, after parking your car at the Alegría-Dulantzi exit and taking a short walk. Several display panels explain how the fort’s inhabitants lived and two full-size houses show the construction and interior environment of the settlement’s dwellings based on data collected from archaeological studies.

Once outside, visitors can follow a short, simple route, marked with posts and information panels, up the hill to view the reconstruction of the settlement’s walls as well as the terraces that cover the entire hillside in order to level the slope and make it easier to erect dwellings.

The highest point, where a medieval castle must have stood, provides a broad panoramic view of the Plains of Álava and the Mountains of Vitoria.

Guided Tours

Guided tours to the cultural landscape of Alegría-Dulantzi (Henaio fort, Ayala hermitage and the Alegría-Dulantzi historic centre) are organised in summer. Information and reservations: at the Tourist Office.


Henaio fort is located just two kilometres from the centre of Alegria-Dulantzi. It is accessed via a track that starts at the A-3140 road next to the roundabout to access the town’s industrial estate.

Coordinates: 42.841492, -2.493728