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Weekend plans in Álava


Álava conceals bewitching places where you can breathe deeply,
close your eyes and open your heart and mind...Which is why losing yourself is the best way to discover it.


The Touring routes that we present below invite you to immerse yourself in a territory whose atmosphere enables you to experience deep, personal feelings in their purest form. Here, you will discover almost imaginary natural spaces where you can enjoy the stillness experienced on a summit or the shelter that a walk through a  forest can offer. But you can also expect scenarios from times gone by where memories are sepia toned and the cultural and gastronomic experiences allow you to enjoy all nature of guilt-free pleasures.


These are simple, enjoyable two or three-day car trips, with short stretches on foot or by bike, ideal for enjoying as you please, with family, friends ..., where your experiences and feelings prevail.


Everything in Álava invites you to lose yourself. Should you have any specific interests in mind then we are only too pleased to offer you some hints along the way. Information on the left and right of each route, grouped by theme: nature, heritage, food and wine, active tourism, family tourism and events.


No one knows how to explain exactly what this inner peace that we call happiness is, but it is very similar to the feeling produced by discovering Álava. Landscapes, legends, flavours ..., Switching off to connect with the environment. Unique settings in which to lose yourself so you can find yourself.


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