Goiuri / Gujuli Waterfall

Goiuri / Gujuli Waterfall


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The village of Gujuli is located on the edge of the Gorbea Natural Park. The Goiuri/Gujuli waterfall can be considered as the highest waterfall in the northern area of the peninsula.

On its way to the sea the Jaundia river, tributary of the Altube, rushes over the edge of a limestone escarpment some 100 meters up, creating a spectacular sight. Continuous erosion from the water has been wearing the said escarpment back to produce its present shape.

The viewpoint perched on the edge of the precipice provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the waterfall.

The best time to view the waterfall is spring and autumn, given that in summer there is hardly any flow, not to mention the varied tones that the surrounding landscape offers.

The panorama includes views of one of the most ecologically important beech woods in the whole area. This natural treat, which is worth viewing in the rainy or thawing seasons, forms part of one of the outstanding landscapes, an essential sight during your visit to this area.



In addition, this is a waterfall with a legend behind it, that tells of a shepherd called Urjauzi and of a lamia - a mythological being from Basque folklore, a type of nymph with the feet of a duck–.

SAccording to the tale “in Goiuri lived a lamia who spent the day grooming herself in front of a magic mirror that granted everything she asked. This was what she was doing when a shepherd called Urjauzi became infatuated with the mirror and stole it in moment of weakness.

The young shepherd used the mirror on whims and extravagances, until one day the lamia discovered him below a beech tree by the side of the river. «What is your name?» she asked him. «Urjauzi» replied the shepherd. He was instantly turned into the great cascade of Goiuri, because his crime had been serious and because Urjauzi, in Basque, means waterfall.


Located in Urkabustaiz, Cuadrilla de Gorbeialdea/Gorbeialdeko Kuadrilla Vitoria-Bilbao road.

The waterfall viewpoint is reached via a right-hand turn off the A-2521 before reaching Goiuri - in direction Orduña, if coming from Izarra or Vitoria-Gasteiz - and the opposite if coming from Orduña in direction Izarra.

Some 30 km northeast of Vitoria-Gasteiz