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Delika: Discover Salto del Nervión Falls from Below
Delika: Discover Salto del Nervión Falls from Below

Delika Green Trail is a route connecting Amurrio and Delika Canyon through one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Álava. It is part of Nervión River Park. There are two ways to view the waterfall: from above at the Nervión Lookout Point or from below, following a path ending right where the water falls. The latter is the Delika Canyon Route. While it may be lesser known, it is just as spectacular as the lookout point.

To get to the Delika trail head, you’ll need to go to Orduña and then take country roads. You’ll start walking once you reach Delika. Remember to wear appropriate footwear, because the trail is often muddy and you’ll need to hop over a small rocky stream.

The route to Salto del Nervión Falls

If you park next to the playground, equipped with swings for the youngest in the group, take the route running parallel to the river. Further on you’ll find natural waterfalls made by the riverbed. They are particularly beautiful in the fall when it rains most frequently. There are lookout points along the way for you to get a closer look.

Following the Delika trail to Salto del Nervión Falls, you’ll cross Zalborondo Roman bridge, built in 1767 to bring cattle to graze in the fields of the foothills of the Sierra de Gibijo mountains. Once you’ve crossed the bridge, the route gets steeper until you finally reach the valley ending in views of the waterfall from below.

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